A Pretty Peaceful Pause for a Poetic Pawt Pawt

Hello Everyone! How are y’all doing?

Have you ever just felt so many emotions that you just had to put them somewhere else? Into a song, humming or singing, into a journal, words falling out into texts or verses, even into just sounds, or speaking out loud, just for the sake of it?

Have you ever thought that hey, it would be good to have someone else feeling the same way as you?

We had the idea of taking those emotions, them that just appeared in the form of poems and songs, and show them to the world. So we could each know that, yeah, there is someone out there that thinks the same way as I do. So we could all take a little comfort from that, from our own words being shown, and for our own emotions to not be alone in this world anymore.

Here are some of them, enjoy!

number one

I'm never the first to be remembered.
never the best friend.
never the one they'll trust.

yet, I'm always there.
and I will always be there.
being the first one they'll forget.

- I'll never be the one.
Leaves are not green
they never will be

They are as green as the stars are light
there are a million more nuances

There's blue in the shadows
and yellow in the light
There is red in the way we live
and also when we don't anymore

- nature is never one color

Now, goodbye to y’all! And pawt pawts if you want them on the way out!