Sustainable infrastructure for Olympic athletes in 2020

Sustainable infrastructure for Olympic athletes in 2020 has been much discussed by the Brazilian population

A position of improvement on the planet is being put on the agenda again with the famous event of the Olympics.

There is a lot of debate, currently, in which the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is having as its thesis world, cultural and environmental sustainability. The games were based on a Sustainable Purchasing Code which, however, properly maintains these same principles.

In summary , one can observe the changes that have already taken place , an example of this is in the medals , they are being carried out with the recycling of electronics discarded in the trash by the Japanese population . Another example of this is in the beds where the athletes take their rest time, 18 (eighteen) thousand beds were made of fully recycled cardboard

In view of this, we can see that the entire Olympic Committee is doing everything to reduce the amount of carbon gas from this event and thus make the “Green Olympics” project a reality, being a true sustainability success.

Name of group members: Nathalie Chiarello , Tainá Rebelato and Clara Pereira

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