Meet Onischenko, and how he earned the moniker “Greatest Olympian’s cheater”

Boris Onichenko is the name of the Soviet who participated in the fencing competition at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, he tampered with his fencing sword, to add points without touching the opponent, thus being disqualified and considered the greatest cheater of the Olympic games.

Onischenko, in the fight against his rival Jim Fox, he hit but Jim deflected it, however the blow was validated generating doubts. Boris tried to change the weapon but without discarding. Fox asked to examine the weapon and after examining it they realized that the sword had been tampered with. Then he was disqualified and expelled from the Soviet army, banned from sports and fined 5,000 rubles.

We think this attitude is very wrong, we don’t agree, and it’s unacceptable. The Olympics are games to compete and have fun, there has to be fairness and balance between the participants, and Onishenko gave up very quickly, thus cheating. Many people agree with our opinion, how In 1976 the Montreal Olympics took place , where several countries competed for the medals.

Lucca Delinsk, Mauro Albano, Fabrício Bach, Arthur Chemim, Matheus Paulink