A Healing Pawt Pawt for You in These Difficult Times

Hello Everyone! How are y’all doing?

It’s the end of the year, there’s so much going on all the time. Some annoying plagues, way-too-many tests, lots of drama and fights, I’m sure. Well, we aren’t here for those right now. We don’t care for them today. We care about you. You, little person, full of dreams and desires and life, how are you? Are you doing fine?

Have you eaten something today yet? Drunk some water? Taken a break? Listened to some music? Taken a little nap? I promise you, it will feel better later. There’s still hope. You know, it may be hard to keep yourself from imploding with everything that’s happening when you can barely leave home. But, there’s some fun things happening right now too. Come on, there’s Jispam right at the door, there’s Halloween this month! Why not do something fun for a change?

We even talked to some people about it. Ever wondered what Alvaro would say to all this? What (ahem-) Mr. Felipe is doing? What would they (and some more people) suggest to escape the terrible boredom/schoolwork cycle we are trapped in?

Now, and you won’t believe me, (do it, take it to heart, I dare you), no plague or test or fight is more important than you. You are important. And there will always be people that care for you. You should take care of yourself first. Stop doing things for just a moment, take a deep breath, for just a moment, you can go back later, promise. Now, drink some water, eat some snacks, give any pets you may have some attention, take a nap if you can’t keep your eyes open, get some warm blankets if you’re cold, listen to some music, do something fun. Just please, take care of yourself. 

You are loved. You are important and unique. Take care, yeah? And do something fun when you can, you deserve it.

Now, goodbye to y’all! And pawt pawts if you want them on the way out!