Synopsis: Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a German child from a Jewish family who, at 13, had to hide with her parents, sister and other Jews in a secret annex in the building where her father worked.

There they remained in hiding for two whole years, until August 1944. With a year to go before the war ended, the Nazis discovered the hiding place.

Everyone there was arrested and sent to concentration camps.

Anne Frank was sent to the Bergen-Belsen camp, where she died in February 1945, at the age of 15. Three months later, the Germans surrendered.

During the time she was in hiding, Anne Frank wrote a Diary telling her day-to-day life in the secret annex.

Anne Frank’s Diary is a teenage account. However, of a teenager subjected to extreme conditions, in the most difficult period of adolescence, having to not only hide, but also to share a small space with family and strangers.

When the hideout was discovered by the Nazis, the residents of the annex were all taken away. But the Diary was left behind.

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