Invasion Sports

Invasion or territorial sports aim to invade the sector defended by the opponent seeking
to achieve the goal of points higher than that of the opposing team.
Some examples of these sports are: football, handball, basketball, futsal, rugby, frisbee,
american football, etc.
Football and futsal are the most practiced sports in South America, but in some South
American regions, handball and basketball also predominate. Football, for example, features
a team of 11 players with the goal of scoring as many goals as possible. As the stadium/field
is too large, it can take time to make plays with goal risk, or, sometimes, they can leave in
the first few minutes.
Handball has a team consisting of 7 starters and 7 reserves, a smaller court and a totally
different style of play, being a not so long game, coming out with much more goals in a shorter time.

Autores: Clara Pereira da Silva, Ana Laura Avais de Mello, Marcio Umberto Festa Filho, Júlia Marques Seixas e Maria Laura Iurkiv.

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