Are you ready to find your Spooky Personality or are you a Scaredy Cat?

Hello Everyone! How are y’all doing?

There are two more days and then BAAMM, it’s Halloween! One day to just rest, and have some fun, maybe even scare some kids give candy to some kids, who knows. But you don’t have to worry so much about schoolwork, and tests, not on this day. It’s a celebration, come on, you can relax for a day.

Even if you’re not going to a party, or staying with friends, it’s still a wonderful day, you know. Get some blankets, put on some classic films, some terror and horror for spooky season, or even some Addams family or Tim Burton productions. Buy some Halloween candy that you haven’t eaten for years, and just have a good time. Maybe do some quizzes, we even had one made just for spooky time:

Even if that’s not the quiz for you, there’s a million more out there! There are so many great things to do on Halloween, even if it’s just to eat some candy, or light some candles, as you wouldn’t do otherwise. Just a great day to do something special, and… dare I say it? Yeah… you deserve a little rest, you deserve a little happiness. It’s going to be fine if you take a break.

Now, goodbye to y’all! And pawt pawts if you want them on the way out! Happy Halloween!